Next up, I tackle a Tamiya P-47D Razorback. This one will be built in the markings of an aircraft of the 365th Fighter-Bomber Group, 386th Fighter Squadron in June, 1944.

14 February 2019

Some further progress; I’ve painted and repainted and decaled and then painted – yes, there’s a story there!  This is the current state of play.  Next set of tasks include completion of the insignia painting, some touch-ups to the D-Day stripes and then decaling.



3 February 2019

A weekend’s efforts in painting shows some good progress…


23 January 2019

Home at last!  🙂

I had a chance over the weekend to dust off (literally, actually) the airbrush and get some real progress made towards joining the fuselage halves.




13 January, 2019

Those of you in Australia are likely aware of the Opal Tower in Sydney Olympic Park as it’s been in the news quite a lot over the last two and half weeks. Those of you overseas may also be aware. I live in the Opal Tower, hence the lack of progress and updates.

I did manage to bring my P-47 kit with me when we were evacuated to the hotel, but with no paints and certainly no compressor. I have, I think, brought the kit as far as I can without paint.

We are hopeful that we will be able to get back home in two or three more days, regular progress and updates will resume then.


Copyright:  As usual, I make no claim of original work in this article except for the photos of the models and text describing their construction and painting.  Except where noted otherwise, I sourced all images and photos from the internet and are used under fair-use.  Any copyrighted material will be removed or credited forthwith upon request by its owner.

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