You typically get what you pay for!  A cheap price for a “damaged box” Tamiya F-14D was actually much more damaged than just the box…


17 March, 2019

Correcting that damage made the assembly much more time consuming than normal as I had to work slowly and in stages to correct not only the cracks but also the warped parts too.

There’s likely more filler than most would use on a Tamiya kit, but some of the damage was too great to get a perfect fit in some areas.  Nonetheless the main fuselage is practically finished and I’m quite happy with the engines.


25 March, 2019

I don’t particularly enjoy cockpits but this model’s will be very visible so I made a bit of an effort.  I completed it to the point of being able to close the forward fuselage.


Edging ever closer to painting…


Copyright:  As usual, I make no claim of original work in this article except for the photos of the models and text describing their construction and painting.  Except where noted otherwise, I sourced all images and photos from the internet and are used under fair-use.  Any copyrighted material will be removed or credited forthwith upon request by its owner.


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