No More Progress…

Well, to be fair, that’s a bit misleading for a title but it might have caught your eye?

What it actually means is that I’ve taken down the “In Progress” page. It was a hassle to keep updated (I know, it’s not like I had to update every day or something, but still…), mostly because I’m so bad at remembering to take in-progress pictures but more to the point, it’s not really consistent with the blog’s main focus.

This is a site about stories and history, a sort of periodical if you like, and trying to inject an element of real time content didn’t work.

Instead, I’ve created an Instagram account called makinghistoryca to carry real time updates, such as they maybe. Instagram is a platform much more suited to that style of content and is also much easier to manage in that sense too.

I think this change makes sense, let me know if you think otherwise!


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