Own a Piece of Making-History

Running Out of Display Space

Since starting Making-History I’ve completed and produced articles for around thirty models. These models have filled every nook and cranny available for display in my apartment and now there’s nowhere left to put them. In fact, there isn’t even a spot for the latterly completed Dakota, it’s still on the workbench.

My recently completed Airfix 1/72 scale Douglas Dakota III with no space left to display it

In order to clear some space I have decided to offer the models featured on Making-History for sale. There are risks in these kinds of transactions, and in order to be completely transparent in what those risks are, and how they can be mitigated, please read the remainder of this piece carefully.

This Airfix 1/72 Avro Lancaster will be a large package and shipping cost will obviously be proportionate


The price is always whatever someone thinks they are worth so in order to avoid complications in price-setting I will accept any reasonable offer. “Reasonable” is of course entirely subjective but in this case it means at a minimum covering the cost of materials (the model kit, the paints and supplies used, any after-market parts used, etc.). You will also have to cover the postal cost and the materials required to try and defeat the best intentions of the postal services to damage the goods inside.

Labour is not included in the calculation as I build these models for fun so you do not need to pay for my time, I’ve already been rewarded for it.

The 1/48 Monogram Curtis Helldiver will be a tricky one to ship as the wing fold is so delicate. I would recommend the wings come off for shipping and the recipient re-attach them.


The other risk inherent is in shipping. These are fragile objects and there can be no guarantee that they will survive our respective postal services. I have shipped models before and all but one survived its journey intact (and in that case the purchaser and I came to an agreement to replace it).

This rarely modelled Search and Rescue P-47D was built from a Tamiya 1/48 model kit and would stand out in any collection

How To Order

If you’ve read this far perhaps there’s a model that’s caught your eye. Here’s how to make it yours;

  • Go to the Contact page, complete the required fields and include…
  • Which Model you would like
  • How much you are prepared to offer for it
  • Where you live (so I can calculate shipping)

I’ll typically respond within 24hrs.

The Dragon 1/48 Fw190D is fairly robust and likely to survive shipping well.

The Fine Print

There’s always fine print, Making-History is no exception :). You agree

  • To make full payment of the agreed price prior to shipment;
  • That there are risks inherent in shipping fragile items such as these plastic scale models and that there can be no guarantee it will arrive undamaged;
  • That there is no obligation within this transaction to replace or repair models that arrive damaged provided I have fulfilled my obligations below;

I agree that

  • I will send photos of the packaging prior to shipment and will send proof of shipment once it is on its way;
  • I warrant that the photos of all models displayed on this site are true representations of the actual model I will send;
Tamiya’s 1/48 Beaufighter TF.X is a large model and shipping will be a little more expensive than for a single engine fighter
This Tamiya 1/48 P-51D Mustang was completed using metal foil rather than paint for a highly realistic finished result
And what collection is complete without a Spitfire? this Hasegawa 1/48 Spitfire Mk.V is marked as it appeared for Operation Jubilee

Lastly, please note that some of these models may have been or are advertised for sale elsewhere and I reserve the right to complete that process. I will let you know the status of any requested model, and the expected timeline of any remaining sale process.


©2021 Making-History, all rights reserved. No reproduction of any materials on this page is permitted without prior written consent.

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