I have vivid memories of the Red Arrows coming in very low from the Solent at the start of their display. Legend has it a Blackburn Buccaneer once broke the sound barrier during its display, breaking windows all across the surrounding area. I do remember one year that the Buccaneer display was easily the loudest thing I’d ever heard…


The attack was successful, two bridges were destroyed and several huts were burned in the area.  Only one aircraft failed to return, Flight Lieutenant Cullen’s Spitfire LF.VIII of 452 Squadron was missing. He was last seen recovering from a dive-bombing run having successfully released his payload.


Operation “Judgement”, carried out exactly 77 years ago on the 4th May 1945, was the final offensive operation mounted by the Royal Navy in World War Two’s European theatre. It resulted in the sinking of two German surface vessels and a submarine for the loss of two FAA aircraft. The war in Europe ended three days later.