I have vivid memories of the Red Arrows coming in very low from the Solent at the start of their display. Legend has it a Blackburn Buccaneer once broke the sound barrier during its display, breaking windows all across the surrounding area. I do remember one year that the Buccaneer display was easily the loudest thing I’d ever heard…


On 16 May 1969 SAS Patrol 15, a four-man team of Australia’s 1ATF’s elite SAS Regiment in Vietnam, came into contact a large enemy force near the Courntenay Plantation on the northern border of Phouc Tuy Province to the west of the Song Rai river and was in danger of being overrun. The plan was simple, while the Albatross flight were picking up the SAS team with ropes the Bushrangers were to maintain constant suppression fire on the enemy positions.