Two Weeks in January, 1945

If you read to the end, a sense of fatigue wouldn’t be unexpected. It will pale though when compared to the fatigue these men must have endured. I don’t know how they did it.


One Christmas my parents gave me Chaz Bowyer’s “The History of the RAF”. Within its pages is a captivating photo of a pilot resting on the ground, smiling. The pilot’s name was S/Ldr Ernest M. Mason DFC, known to all as “Imshi”. This is his story.

“Rescue Me”

The little told story of the USAAF’s 5th ASR and how they rescued war weary P-47’s and in turn, rescued almost a thousand downed airmen in the North Sea and English Channel.

Earning Their Stripes

How does a squadron of trainee pilots return to base in the event bad weather when they don’t have radios in their aircraft? The recall bird goes up; here’s mine.

A Balkans Bf 109 E-4/B

Ever since I first saw a picture of the “crazy paving” camouflaged 109’s of JG 54 I’ve wanted to make one. After many a year of procrastination, here it is…