Time Flies

There’s been a dearth of activity on Making-History over the passed couple of months which deserves some explanation. Where to begin…

Sydney, Australia where I live(d) entered a fairly hard lockdown in mid June. It’s still locked down as I write. While not preventing modelling per se, lockdown and its associated inconveniences proved to be a major distraction when placed in context of other life events…

Moving interstate isn’t easy at the best of times, and in a lockdown even more so. We needed to navigate travel permits, a shortage of removalists, quarantine and attempting to coincide an end of lease with the relocation…

Purchasing a property in another sate, off the plan, and coordinating its settlement with an interstate move and end of lease…

My wife and I became grandparents for the first time; our daughter, her husband and new granddaughter all live in the state we are moving to – the one we couldn’t get to because of the lockdown…

I chose this moment to make a [positive] change direction in my career.

The model I have been working on is a [rare, for me] commission project and they are always difficult. A heightened sense of perfectionism plus a lack of back-story to the build makes it a bit of a slog, to be honest. But, it is finally finished…

It’s time to write the piece about the Mustang but I really don’t have much to say about it. I might let it slide…?

I’m excited about upcoming projects and can’t wait to be in new our home and to be able to make a start on them. The first is a continuation of the story in the last article published on the Nightingales, this time focusing on the aircraft’s career post D-Day. The second contains some new challenges as it features a helicopter and the conflict is the Vietnam War.

Stay tuned.


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This article, including its text, and photos of the model(s), is my original work and is protected by copyright in its entirety, except where noted. All research sources are listed in the References and Credits section above, including photos from official sources. All other images were sourced from the internet and are used here under protection of fair-use. Any copyrighted images will be removed or credited forthwith upon request by its rightful owner.

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