I’ve just finished my second “warm up” model since coming back to Making-History.  It’s turned out well enough that I won’t be embarrassed to post pics of it and there’s an interesting story that it will enhance.  Here’s a sneak preview… spoiler alert 🙂


However, I’m not particularly inspired by this one, not nearly as much as the next one, and the one I planned after that.

What caught my eye on the next one was how he not only shot down the enemy aircraft, but he put his damaged plane down in the same paddock and captured the crew!  Extraordinary story indeed.

The other story is quite different.  It’s a story about an “ordinary” pilot on an “ordinary” mission who didn’t survive an “ordinary” encounter.  To me, that’s the real story and the reason I pursue these projects; it was ordinarily extraordinary and he, and they, deserve to be remembered for it.


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  1. When I got back into the hobby, it was all about the machines. Loved them, wanted to build them all. As I have gotten more builds and reads under my belt, I’ve become more interested in the men who flew these machines and what they did. It has changed my focus for sure. Thanks for posting.

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